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Dramatic Blend Rhythm Dress

Dramatic Blend Rhythm Dress

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Step into the spotlight with our captivating black fringed latin dress adorned with vibrant orange feathers. The fusion of sleek black fringes and lively orange accents creates a mesmerizing dance of textures and hues. With each sway and twirl, the dress comes to life, exuding an irresistible energy that is both sultry and vivacious. 

  • Brand: Neda Design
  • Condition: new, never used
  • Size: XS-S
  • Height: 
  • Bust-waist-hips:
  • Accessories included: 

✂️ After the order is placed, we'll assist you through each step, from measuring to payment, and provide support until your dress arrives safely.

- Suitable for dancesport, latin, rhythm, pro-am, dance competitions
- Neda Design, black, orange, feathers, professional, amateur, sleeveless dress for sale

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