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Champagne Dream

Champagne Dream

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Elevate your presence on the dance floor with our exquisite beige standard dress, a masterpiece of grace and glamour. The gown is adorned with intricate lace, creating a delicate pattern that enhances the timeless beauty of beige. Feathered accents add a touch of ethereal charm, gently swaying with every movement. Swarovski stones, strategically placed, catch and reflect the light, bringing a dazzling sparkle to the ensemble. This smooth dress is a harmonious blend of sophistication and allure, where lace, feathers, and Swarovski stones come together to create a dance of elegance. 

  • Condition: great condition
  • Size: S-M
  • Height: 
  • Bust-waist-hips:
  • Accessories included: 

✂️ After the order is placed, we'll assist you through each step, from measuring to payment, and provide support until your dress arrives safely.
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