Extra long blush pink ostrich feather earrings

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Earrings - the most coveted and sought after female jewelry. They amaze the imagination with their variety of shapes, colors, materials used, performance technique and magnificent appearance!

We offer you heed exclusive handmade earrings-brushes. The designer jewelry is made of ostrich feathers, pearls and Swarovski stones. Lightweight air earrings perfectly complement the festive, scenic, as well as everyday look!

Various colors of ostrich feathers, used to create earrings, will allow you to choose this jewelry for any outfit! Feather earrings are complemented by intricate appliqués made from Swarovski pearls and stones. A very popular trend of this season is decorations with the theme of various insects: flies, bugs, butterflies. Some models of our earrings are decorated with fashionable sparkling moths made from Swarovski crystals and embroidered with pearls. At the heart of the earrings are fasteners-studs, or so-called, studs. They are securely fastened with a special plug. Earrings can be made to order, in the feather color chosen by you and using different types of buckles.