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Shiny Sea Splash

Shiny Sea Splash

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Step into the world of opulence with this luxurious metallic turquoise ballroom dress. The metallic sheen of the fabric reflects a mesmerizing array of hues, creating a dance of color with every movement. Adorned with sumptuous feathers, the smooth dress takes on an ethereal quality, adding dynamic flair to your every step. This enchanting ensemble is a celebration of sophistication and glamour, inviting you to command the dance floor with grace and style. 

  • Brand: JM Justyna Makowska
  • Condition: like new, danced 3 dances in one evening
  • Size: XS-S
  • Height: 164-174 cm
  • Bust: 86 cm
  • Waist: 64-69 cm
  • Hips: up to 96 cm
  • Accessories included: 

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