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Jade Elegance Ballroom Dress

Jade Elegance Ballroom Dress

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The Jade Elegance Ballroom Dress is a captivating and sophisticated ensemble designed to exude grace and beauty on the dance floor. The dress features a rich and enchanting shade of jade, which adds an element of intrigue and allure to its overall design. With its flowing fabric and elegant silhouette, it drapes gracefully around the body, allowing for fluid movement and effortless expression. The dress is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, incorporating intricate embellishments and delicate accents that enhance its overall elegance. 

  • Condition: perfect
  • Brand: 
  • Size: S
  • Height: 152-158 cm
  • Bust-waist-hips: 
  • Accessories included: earrings

✂️  After the order is placed, we'll assist you through each step, from measuring to payment, and provide support until your dress arrives safely.

- Suitable for dancesport, standard, smooth, modern, pro-am, dance competitions
- Green, gold, crystals, crinoline, professional, amateur, sleeveless dress for sale

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